Cloud computing has gained a lot of hype in the current world of I.T. Cloud computing is said to be the next big thing in the computer world after the internet.In general terms the Cloud computing is referred to as anything that uses internet and computing is done at some remote location and the result are displayed on the user screen and the user access the cloud using the familiar web browser. This definition is true to some extent however not completely.

Cloud computing is a broad, new technology and young as of now. The industry still struggles to define as to what to call as Cloud computing and what not to.

Like any new IT trend, cloud computing gets its fair share of hype, and with it comes a multitude of vendors that use the term in ways it was never intended for, making it devoid of any sense. When pushed to the extreme, a simple server connected to a network seems to qualify as a cloud, allowing pundits to mock the concept. Yet cloud computing is not a passing fad. It is a major step forward in the development of distributed computing, and one that will reshape the IT industry. But for it to happen, we must agree on a clear definition of the concept first, and the less technical it is, the better.