” In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as education.”

Dear Students

“Make your life a master piece; imagine no limitations on what you can achieve”. College life is a spring board for you as you stand poised at this crucial juncture between student life on one hand and professional life on the other. Right guidance will propel you in right direction and therefore success and fulfillment.

So, it is vital that you utilize your years in college positively and make the best use of every moment. You must pledge yourselves to garnering all the goodness that you can for your professional and personal growth from our learned faculty whose constant practice is to be there for you.

An attitude of sincerity, dedication, focus and commitment towards your studies will help you to realize your goals. Someone once said that in life a person can have one of the two attitudes: to build or to plant. Builders take years to build a building but once it is complete they feel a loss of purpose. On the other hand, those who plant endure storms and many vicissitudes of the seasons and seldom rest. This is because unlike a building, a garden never stops growing.

So, I urge you to be like the gardeners who work constantly to nourish their garden. Treat your lives like a garden and work relentlessly to nourish it with education and knowledge and you will surely get high dividends.

Prof.Gurnam Singh