Punjab College of Engineering has been set up under the ageis of Punjab Educational Charitable Trust in 2011. The corner stone of this progressive society is strong fundamental education that empowers its youth to take risks, innovate and have the courage of their convictions to pursue their dreams and achieve success.

Our efforts are to evolve, synthesize and spread the power of knowledge to arm generations to come through world class initiatives and academic practices that focuses on overall development of students. Punjab College of Engineering also equally emphasizes on developing competent, committed and compassionate graduates. Since, its inception the institute has committed itself to provide the best education and inculcate the best of personal qualities among students.

PCOE views the world of today and more especially the future as being characterized by the need for learning in business, management, information technology and health care to be:-

• Available to all those who wish to enhance their careers
• International and increasingly global in its perspective
• Pigorous in its approach
• Tailored to meet the real learning needs and demand of participations
• Flexible